The Stoutspear

"An iron trident fit for the strong and brave. Its dark blade and red handle are a noble colour combination." - Stoutspear saying.

The Stoutspear is a iron trident that gives a Durability boost and uses Durability-boosted parts. Its Durability is massive (known to reach 54 durability). Also, this Epic Weapon is useful anywhere, even after defeating Dudley, due to its Durability.

Parts needed

Since the Stoutspear is a Pike, it will require a lot of parts. The Stoutspear needs the following parts (note that some parts repeat so they are not put in twice):

  • An Iron Trident
  • Pole SD-13
  • Grip GD-6
  • Pole SD-14
  • Cap CD-18


  • Did anyone notice something about the parts?
    • The Stoutspear uses a pole that the Healthhammer uses
    • The Stoutspear also uses the same cap as the Stormblade

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