The second of the maces is the Spiked Mace, which is acquired in the Evershade Forest. The Spiked Mace are the hardest weapons to construct due to the lack of guidelines or indications.

The Spiked Mace in all ores

Elemental Boosts

The Spiked Mace has the following elemental boosts:

  • Lightning (14 Lightning Damage)
  • Fire (14 Fire Damage)
  • Wind (15 Wind Damage)
  • Power (12 Extra Attack)

Epic Spiked Maces

There are only 4 Epic Spiked Maces in Jacksmith. Those Maces are:

  • The Morningstar
  • The Vinesmasher
  • The Frostcrusher
  • The Bludgeoner