Time to call in an exterminator... These are the Spiders. Annoying little pests which need to be disposed of when you see them.
  • Arachnip
    Their tiny babies have a habit of nipping onto the skin of mammals, causing them an annoying rash. It's amazing how they could grow this big!
  • Burning Longlegs
    Fire elemental spider. The name is a misconception. Their legs aren't burning but you'll feel a burning rash should there be a friction between your skin and the tiny bits of hair on their legs.
  • Waterstalk
    Water elemental spider. These guys are true predators underwater. When it hunts, it traps air bubbles on its legs and abdomen which they would serve as their oxygen tanks.
  • Spincicle
    Ice elemental spider. These chilly creepy-crawlies appear mostly in cold forests. Their bites have contain a venom that causes the same feeling as frostbites. Not very nice...
  • Pebblefang
    Stone elemental spider. These guys camouflage easily onto rocky surfaces while awaiting their prey. They have been known to led climbers fall to their deaths with their sudden appearance.
  • Windweaver
    Wind elemental spider. They are known for their special type of silk that could trap air but they're not going to give it to you for free.
  • Tarantulight
    Lightning elemental spider. These guys mainly live in caves where their bodies would glow an interesting light. Wonder what Dudley did to make them come out...
  • Pine Recluse
    Plant elemental spider. Hence its name, these elusive arachnids are pretty reclusive in forest areas. No idea on what Dudley did to make them appear...
  • Webwidow
    Shadow elemental spider. Obviously the worst of its kind. Its venom would kill...  We don't know whether it's really venomous... But what we do know that they're dangerous and they need to be exterminated.

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