The Spetums in Different Ores

The first pike that is acquired upon coming near the end of Cinder Springs is the Spetum. The Spetum is the smallest of the pikes and a relatively easy one to hammer.

Elemental Boosts

The Spetum has the following elemental boosts:

  • Stone (10 Stone Damage)
  • Shadow (10 Shadow Damage)
  • Fire (11 Fire Damage)
  • Durability (10 Extra Durability)

Epic Spetums

There are only 4 Epic Spetums in Jacksmith. The Epic Spetums are:

  • The Icicle
  • The Power Prod
  • The Patchwork Pike
  • The Chainjabber

Two of the Epic Spetums, the Power Prod and the Chainjabber, give an attack boost to the soldiers.


  • For an unusual reason, the Spetum gets its bronze boost from another weapon (Moonblade) not its silver boost.

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