Snakes are another type of critters. They will be first spotted in Alpine Ridge. They are not the kind of enemies that someone may want to forget about. They are:

  • Daggerbite

    The Snakes

    These slithering critters may not be venomous but their fangs are like daggers, hence their name.
  • Cindersnake
    Fire elemental snake. The mainstays of Cinder Springs. Their bright coloration suggests that they're poisonous but that's a misconception.
  • Stormserpent
    Water elemental snake. We've got crazy theories that they could be the descendants of the Feathered Serpent itself but that's just a bunch made-up crap from lunatics.
  • Frostbite
    Ice elemental snake. These guys have a frostbite inducing venom comparable to the Freezerbee's but theirs is more severe.
  • Medusalock
    Stone elemental snake. The rumors about them being able to petrify you with a single glare? Yet another bunch of random made-up bullcrap.
  • Seraphang
    Wind elemental snake. Some considered this snake holy... We considered them annoying since they stood in our way to Dudley.
  • Slitherspark
    Lightning elemental snake. These guys hunt by injecting a painfully paralyzing venom before dragging their meal elsewhere to have a safe gobble down.
  • Venomvine
    Plant elemental snake. These snakes are actually pretty docile but they still pack a deadly venom as a defense mechanism. Damn that Dudley!
  • Nightwinder
    Shadow elemental snake. The deadliest of the bunch. They slither in the shadows to hunt for prey. There have been reports on deaths in the wilderness concerning these guys.

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