Slimy creatures that you'll leave a trail of death for them. It is not known whether they're actually slimes or worms.

  • Terragoo
    The first kind of slime that you will encounter. Wherever they go, they'll leave an obvious trail. Their diet is unknown.
  • Lavaleech
    Fire elemental slime. Be careful not to get these guys on you. Their slimy skin can cause a burning pain and long-lasting redness in contact to skin.
  • Pondscum
    Water elemental slime. These guys are a menace when you go swimming since they blend in quite well with water.
  • Shiverslime
    Ice elemental slime. Wait! How is this possible?! How are they not frozen over?!
  • Rubbleworm
    Stone elemental slime. Thankfully, these guys aren't related to any of those huge earthly burrowing worms you see elsewhere...
  • Gustropod
    Wind elemental slime. Instead of gastric slime, these guys will emit a foul odour from their gastric system. Phew, they stink!
  • Jellyjolt
    Lightning elemental slime. One touch from these guys and they could send static electricity into you. Bigger ones have been known to paralyze their preys.
  • Leafslugger
    Plant elemental slime. These guys have been known as a serious pest to farmers.
  • Gloombug
    Shadow elemental slime. These guys aren't the nicest thing to have a rude awakening from while you're sleeping in the outdoors.