New Weapon - Pegged Mace (Beginning of Day 14 - Alpine Ridge)


The first mace acquired in Alpine Ridge is the Pegged Mace. The Pegged Mace has a design (guidelines on the mace head, hard to see in the iron ore) which apparently should ease construction. Like all maces, it requires 12 ores.

Elemental Boosts

The Pegged Mace has the following elemental boosts:

  • Water (14 Water Damage)
  • Shadow (15 Shadow Damage)

    The Pegged Maces in different ores

  • Stone (15 Stone Damage)
  • Luck (12 Extra Luck)

Epic Pegged Maces

There are five Epic Pegged Maces in Jacksmith. Those five maces are:

  • The Windwailer
  • The Luckbeater
  • The Healthhammer
  • The Scorcher
  • The Earthcrusher

Surprisingly, one of the Epic Pegged Maces, the Luckbeater, is made out of copper. Do not expect it to last long, since the Pegged Mace does not get the Durability boost for the maces.


  • Interestingly, the Pegged Mace has a 12 Extra Luck boost, which 2 more than the normal Luck boost of 10.

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