All the weapons in the Iron ore

Every time a weapon is asked for, that weapon has to be crafted with metal ores. Ores determine the base Power and Durability stats for a weapon. Different ores are stronger than others.

Ores Strength

Here is the list of ores, from the weakest to strongest:

Use of Ores in Epic Weapons

Epic Weapons also require ores. Epic Weapons for a specific ore boost certain stats. Here is a list of that:

  • Copper: Very few weapons are made, but used for a Fire boosting weapon and Luck boosting weapon
  • Bronze: Used for most Plant and Luck based weapons
  • Iron: Used for most Shadow and Durability based weapons. Some Iron weapons boost Power
  • Steel: Used for a variety of boosts
  • Gold: Used for most Fire based weapons.
  • Crystal: Used for a variety of boosts


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