The Mapleguard

"There's no need for you to join the foresters just to get this neat looking bronze box shield." - Mapleguard saying.

The Mapleguard is a bronze box shield, that gives a plus 5 Plant damage to all soldiers. It uses plant-boosted parts, plus the natural Plant boost on the Box Shield to create an Epic Weapon strong enough to deal a lot of damage to Plant-based Enemies. It is classified in the designs as SH-05.


The Mapleguard needs the following parts to be crafted:

All the parts are already Plant-boosted, so they will add to the Box Shield's Natural Plant boost.


The Mapleguard isn't really useful anywhere. Since it is acquired in Evershade Forest (or Wormwood Hollow), Bronze has nearly no usefulness in those areas, so the Mapleguard shouldn't be used at all, or not so much.

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