An Epic Mace (Pegged Mace)

The sixth and final type of weapon in Jacksmith are the maces. They are the most complicated of the weapons in the game to build. Maces are wielded by bulls and each one requires 12 ore to build.

Types of Maces

The three kinds of maces in Jacksmith are:

  • Pegged Mace
  • Spiked Mace
  • Battle Mace

Acquiring the Maces

The maces, like all other weapons, have to be acquired. The problem, however, is that they are acquired last. They also have no organized order of acquiring unlike other weapons. The places where the maces are acquired are:

Upon acquiring all the Maces, the award Mace Collection is earned.

The Pegged Mace

Main article: Pegged Mace

The Pegged Mace is the first kind of mace in Jacksmith. It is, supposedly, the easiest mace to craft. The Pegged Mace is intially Water-boosted, but unlocking its boosts include a Shadow, Stone, and eventually, a Luck boost. There are five Epic Pegged Maces. The Pegged Mace apparently carries the most luck from any of the Luck-boosted weapons.