The Insects

Annoying little insects. Are they problems? Yes, they are. Insects are the fourth kind of critters in Jacksmith. The good news is that the player is not going to fight a whole swarm at once. Nonetheless, they might get a few solitary buggers and nothing makes a better bee repellent than cold hard metal!

Who are the Insects?

  • Hiveguard
    This one bugger has gotten lost while finding its way back to its nest and has gone rogue as a result. A bigger stinger is not a nice thing...
  • Firejacket
    Fire elemental insect. These nasty buggers have a sting that would cause a burning swelling pain. If not treated, death may occur. A survivor has described the pain to be "as if he's on fire internally".
  • Waterwasp
    Water elemental insect. These buggers roam around near ponds and lakes and bug anyone who would try to take a swim. Their stingers have a nasty venom that can cause asphyxiation if left untreated. That sounds a bit drowning but not in water...
  • Freezerbee
    Ice elemental insect. These chilly buggers have their own version of venom which would replicate the effects of frostbite. You might have to lose a finger or two once stung...
  • Buzzstone
    Stone elemental insect. These buggers would make their nest on cave walls. Under desperate measures while under attack, they might sacrifice a part of their hive and use it to throw it at the intruder. They're somehow able to mix the material to be as hard as rock.
  • Swirlfly
    Wind elemental insect. What are these guys' specialty? Yep, you guessed it. Bugging you.
  • Zapwing
    Lightning elemental insect. These buggers are master hunters with their paralyzing venom in their arsenal.
  • Thornet
    Plant elemental insect. These buggers would make their nests high up in trees in a forest. Sometimes the hive would get too heavy and any unlucky fellow on the landing spot is... Err... You don't want to know... They also hate lumberjacks.
  • Stingshade
    Shadow elemental insect. These buggers are particular buggy. Not only would they annoy you in your sleep in the wilderness, their venom would also cause blindness but thankfully, it's temporary. But it still hurts...


  • These enemies are most likely mutant bees

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