The first type of Fallen Warriors, that are ever experienced, are the Fallen Swordsmen. These pigs are no longer

The Fallen Swordsmen

the courageous gladiators that the player knows. They first appear in Cinder Springs.
  • Hogsblade
    Some of the warriors were influenced by Dudley's magic and in turn, they became pork. Hmm... They sure could lose some weight...
  • Pigroast
    Fire elemental fallen Swordsman. They won't make good roast pork. Too much fat and that would be cannibalism...
  • Mudwallow
    Water elemental fallen Swordsman. It is thought that Dudley has degraded their brains that much to the point that they would act upon their natural piggy instinct. These guys are best in swampy ares.
  • Hailswine
    Ice elemental fallen Swordsman. Thanks to their fat, these fallen warriors have little problem dealing with the cold.
  • Boarstone
    Stone elemental fallen Swordsman. The rumor that "their tusks are able to crush rocks"? That's a lie to intimidate their opponents. However, they do have rock-hard hides...
  • Stratusnout
    Wind elemental fallen Swordsman. The odd part about these guys is that they would hold a snorting competition against each other when they're free. The winner would be the one with the loudest and longest snort.
  • Stormsow
    Lightning elemental fallen Swordsman. It is a mystery how these guys feel being referred as females despite being clearly males... It must have been shocking...
  • Wartbog
    Plant elemental fallen Swordsman. Sometimes these guys would cross paths with their watery cousins, the Mudwallows. It's very often that they have territorial fights due to their piggy instincts taking over.
  • Direhog
    Shadow elemental fallen Swordsman. These guys are the meanest of the bunch, just like the rest of the Shadow enemies. They do not care if they have to cleave through their own kind just to get to their targeted opponent.

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