The Fallen Meadowguard

The cows wielding the pikes have fallen to Dudley's black magic. Now they take on a shamanistic appearance, and will not stop attacking Jacksmith. They first make their appearance in Evershade Forest.

  • Pikespell
    These guys are just starting to get used to their shamanistic changes so no magic as of yet.
  • Pyrebell
    Fire elemental fallen Meadowguard. Those fiery war paints sure seem to suit them. Too bad that they’ll be turning into roast beef by the player (but not for eating of course!).
  • Rainmaker
    Water elemental fallen Meadowguard. Note to self, don’t trust these guys to bring rain for you. They do no such services.
  • Crystalcalf
    Ice elemental fallen Meadowguard. They seem to be on good terms with the Cryosteer but both of their icy hearts do get them fighting once in a while.
  • Gravelhoof
    Stone elemental fallen Meadowguard. Thankfully these guys rely more on their tridents than their magically hardened hooves to stomp on us.
  • Galespear
    Wind elemental fallen Meadowguard. These guys would sometimes hold spear-throwing competitions among themselves when they get bored.
  • Uddershock
    Lightning elemental fallen Meadowguard. How did these guys feel when they’ve got themselves funky colours? They were in “udder shock”.
  • Timbercast
    Plant elemental fallen Meadowguard. These guys have no concern for nature as long as they get the ingredient they need for their shamanistic rituals.
  • Lunacow
    Shadow elemental fallen Meadowguard. These guys are too heavy to jump the moon and thus have fallen into the shadows.

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