The Falchion in all ores

The final of the swords is the Falchion, which is acquired at Boneyard Dunes. The Falchion takes 10 swings to hammer the edges. Building the handles may be a little tricky since they lack symmetry.

Elemental Boosts

The Falchion has the following elemental boosts:

  • Luck (10 Extra Luck)
  • Lightning (12 Lightning Damage)
  • Plant (12 Plant Damage)
  • Wind (12 Wind Damage)

Epic Falchions

There are only 5 Epic Falchions in Jacksmith. Those Axes are:

  • The Stormblade
  • The Firebringer
  • The Windslayer
  • The Teslablade
  • The Bushwacker