Cluckshire Archers fighting on Day 2 - Lowlands

Day 2 in the Lowlands is the day where the player is introduced to Bows. A short day, with four trail enemies.

New Item

On Day 2, the player acquires the Simple Bow, the first and basic bow.

Possible Warriors

These are some of the possible warriors the player may see:

  • Combination 1: Cluckshire Archer x3
  • Combination 2: Cluckshire Archer x2, Swordsman
  • Combination 3: Cluckshire Archer, Swordsman x2


The following enemies are present on Day 2:

Epic Weapon

The Charmblade is the Epic Weapon that is acquired by the player on Day 2.


The player is introduced to gold.

See also

  • Bows 101

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