The Broad Axe in all ores

The second of the axes is the Broad Axe, which is acquired in the Alpine Ridge. The Broad Axe are more crude looking, with the squarish design and serrated edges at the top part of blades. Like all axes, the head (where the blades are) has to be constructed.

Elemental Boosts

The Broad Axe has the following elemental boosts:

  • Power (10 Extra Damage)
  • Plant (13 Plant Damage)
  • Stone (14 Stone Damage)
  • Ice (12 Ice Damage)

Epic Broad Axes

There are only 5 Epic Broad Axes in Jacksmith. Those Axes are:

  • The Atlantax
  • The Shockshearer
  • The Monsterbane
  • The Stonecutter
  • The Luckbringer

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