• ViviannaCoffee

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the lateness of this week's News, but I have been very busy around the wiki, doing a lot of upgrades and improvements. For a first, I created a total main page redesign as our past main page was not good enough. I have also created several other things, including a sign-up sheet for contests and various jobs (Well, I didn't really create it, but it's an improvement that I planned to happen). You can see the new changes on our main page.

    That's it for this week's news! Stay and wait to see next week's news!


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  • ViviannaCoffee

    Hi there everyone,

    Welcome to our new Jacksmith Wiki News! This is where you can stay updated on what is happening around the wiki and any new announcements!

    The Weekly News will be posted every Wednesday, by either me or someone else (Possibly BrianneMiles)

    For now, there are not really any news, but stay to see next week's news!

    New announcements:

    • Any old blog posts will be deleted or protected. Commenting may also be turned off.


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