Bats are your first enemy to be encountered. One can call these chiropterans a bunch of annoying flying rats who screech annoyingly into donkey ears.

  • Screechling
    These annoying bats are the first enemies you'll encounter as part of your tutorial.
  • Flarewing
    Fire elemental bat. They will annoyingly flap hot air to you with their red wings.
  • Aquabat
    Water elemental bat. These annoying buggers aren't exactly good swimmers but they can skim for fishes as prey.
  • Polarbite
    Ice elemental bat. We're surprised that these annoying icy bats can still fly in the cold when it should've frozen their bones by now...
  • Meteorfight
    Stone elemental bat. They have one annoying habit and that is called "aerial bombardment". Always wear a helmet and watch for their droppings!
  • Cloudrat
    Wind elemental bat. The birds must feel annoyed by their presence... Do them a favour and take those buggers down!
  • Shockbat
    Lightning elemental bat. And what have we learn from Pokemon? Annoying flying things don't like electricity.
  • Maplefang
    Plant elemental bat. Nothing more than a bunch of annoying green bats.
  • Dracling
    Shadow elemental bat. As if dealing with vampires isn't enough! These annoying bloodsuckers hunt their prey in a swarm at the dead of the night. Reports have been shown that victims have their blood completely sucked dry.

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