An Epic Axe (Double Axe)

Axes are the third kind of weapon in Jacksmith. These fierce-looking weapons are wielded by goats and each one requires 10 ore to build.

Types of Axes

The three kinds of axes in Jacksmith are:

  • Double Axe
  • Broad Axe
  • Dragon Axe

Acquiring the Axes

The Axes, like the Bows, have to be acquired completely as the player does not start with them. The Axes will be acquired in the following places:

Upon acquiring all the Axes, the award Axe Arsenal is earned.

The Double Axe

Main article: Double Axe

The Double Axe is the first kind of axe. It is acquired in the Lowlands. The Double Axe has smooth blades, which are very typical of most axes. The Double Axe is intially Wind-boosted, but unlocking its boosts include a Fire, Shadow, and eventually, a Luck boost. There are 4 Epic Double Axes.


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