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• 10/5/2013

Why the ripoffs?

Hi everyone,

I have news that will be very heartbreaking to all of us. You see, Jacksmith is a good game and we like editing on wikis based on that subject. However, it seems that people have little to no care on the topic and have created ripoff wikis, that are lacking all the proper grammar and info on the game. Only this wiki and our fanon wiki affiliate are the only active wikis on Jacksmith. We shouldn't awake the dormant wikis, those are not what we can accept. Let's create new wikis on this subject and hope they stay awake. Jacksmith deserves to be recognized in its own wikis, and we will make that happen.

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• 6/3/2013

I just saw my notification on this and after reading it, I was actually about to cry. Why would they create useless wikis for such a good game? It's like they probably never have seen the game or they have, but just want to show how pointless or how bad they think the game is. We will show them how great a wiki on Jacksmith can really be.

• 10/5/2013
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