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Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Discussions

If you're an admin on this community, read more about how you can customize your Discussions and set up guidelines for contributors: http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Admin_and_Moderator_Tools_in_Discussions

Have fun!
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Here is a list of our current affiliates:

Jacksmith Roleplay Wiki
Jacksmith Fanon Wiki
Jacksmith Character Creator Wiki
Please do visit them when you can, and make edits.
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Your Admin Team

Meet your admin team! The people who compose your admin team are:

ViviannaCoffee, who is the Leading Architect and Leading Electress
Brooke Gonzales, who is the Leading Dominatrix
Rachel Slavinski
Sophia McLaren-Cobb, who is your Social Media Manager
Victoria Itaya
Evie Serpentes
Deanna Newman
Jessica Morrison
Hannah Riea
JacksmithBOT, who is the wiki's bot, operated by Torey Itaya
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The Forgotten Ruins - Archives

The Forgotten Ruins is where all past discussions will be archived, for record keeping. No discussions may be started here, any that are started here will be moved to the respective board. This is also where users may wish to look if any questions have been asked and answered before.
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A Fight of Two Hundred Men - Reaching for a Spotlight

Hi everyone,
Jacksmith Wiki has long sat in the dark. We have been just another simple wiki. It's time that this changes. We are going to reach for the spolight.
What changes will be made during this time period:

New pages will be added (all will participate)
Policies will be tweaked (handled by myself)
Extensive work on things related to new users (handled by ViviannaCoffee and Sophia McLaren-Cobb)
MediaWiki pages will receive a tweak (handled by ViviannaCoffee)
More info threads will be posted (handled by Brooke Gonzales, myself, Torey Itaya, and Probot Eva when possible)
Templates will undergo changes (handled by Brooke Gonzales and myself)
It truly is A Fight of Two Hundred Men. We can get through this together. Are you with me?
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Welcome, newcomers!

Welcome, newcomers, to the Jacksmith Wiki! This is the wiki where you can learn all about Jacksmith and his adventures. It is a friendly place, and it has tough, but generous admins. 
How to get started:

Read all the threads here in the Expeditionary Library (note: all of them are closed because they are meant for information, not for discussions.)
Read our Policies
Meet the admins
Meet the WhipMasters
What can you do to help the wiki?

Make new pages
Vote on polls
Talk with the admins regarding various things
Add photos and videos
Check out our Affiliates
Hope to see you around the wiki!
Jacksmith Wiki Administration
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Jacksmith Wiki Forums Index

This is an index of all respective forums boards. Additional info will be posted on each board.
The Expeditionary Library - General Info

The Expeditionary Library is the informational board of the wiki. It contains all info regarding everything on the wiki.
Castle Plumpfeather

Castle Plumpfeather is the central discussion board, and it is used for various reasons, such as important announcements.
The Bar - Fun & Games

The Bar is for all off-topic conversations. It is a hangout for people who want to enjoy themselves.
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The Expeditionary Library

Welcome to the Expeditionary Library! This is where you can expect to find some of the major info on Jacksmith Wiki. Here will be posted all info regarding everything in Jacksmith Wiki. You may not post threads here, unless they are informational and have been allowed by either Electresses or Architects.
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ATTN: Important Changes

Hi all.
It has been brought to my attention that we need some massive updating in the wiki. Not just specific pages, but more. MediaWiki coding, revamps of forums, etc. Starting next week, the following things will happen:
1.  The Forums will be closed for revamping. This doesn't mean that they can't be used, but that if it's something non-important, then that discussion will be closed.
2. User Rights will be redistributed to all users accordingly.
3. Some Project Pages will be amended. This includes Requests for User Rights.
4. New forum threads will be made for information
That's sort of a complete list of the things that me and other admins will be doing. I am highlighting this discussion to notify everyone of this.
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Important: WhipMaster/Dominatrices Upgrades

Hello all,
I have some things to request from you. These things concern the WhipMaster/Dominatrix users.
1. WhipMasters/Dominatrices will be allowed to change policies without community opinion. 
2. WhipMasters/Dominatrices should be limited to only 3 users, 3 WhipMasters and 3 Dominatrices.
3. WhipMasters/Dominatrices will be supervising the Requests for User Rights
I want responses on whether these are alright or not. I will be highlighting this discussion as it is important.
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Hello from your WhipMasters/Dominatrices.

Don't be afraid of us. We won't whip you or anything. We are just known as WhipMasters and Dominatrices. We are here to make sure you are following the rules. If you are not then, we will whip you. So this is just a hello post just to get you guys to know us.
Dominatrix ViviannaCoffee
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Why the ripoffs?

Hi everyone,
I have news that will be very heartbreaking to all of us. You see, Jacksmith is a good game and we like editing on wikis based on that subject. However, it seems that people have little to no care on the topic and have created ripoff wikis, that are lacking all the proper grammar and info on the game. Only this wiki and our fanon wiki affiliate are the only active wikis on Jacksmith. We shouldn't awake the dormant wikis, those are not what we can accept. Let's create new wikis on this subject and hope they stay awake. Jacksmith deserves to be recognized in its own wikis, and we will make that happen.
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Wiki Arrangements

Hi everyone,
We need to plan out some new arrangements for the wiki. Here is what I have in mind:

New Pages for various categories (Important for Category:Trails and Days)
Advanced Category Structure
Videos for Category:Trails and Days
More Images
More news (We have been lacking on news lately)
Suggest your ideas by adding a comment to this thread. I am highlighting it also for people to be aware of this.
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Our Fanon Affiliate

Hi everyone,
We now seem to have a fanon affiliate, the Jacksmith Fanon Wiki. I would like to thank Deanna Newman for creating a wiki for fan fiction on Jacksmith. It is a first. Let's encourage editing on the fanon wiki!
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Welcome to our new Central Discussion Board aka Castle Plumpfeather Board!

Hi everyone,
I would like to introduce to you the Castle Plumpfeather Board. This board is for discussions of various subjects, including pages and other subjects. I chose to name it the Castle Plumpfeather Board, because I want it to sound great, plus relate to our topic which is Jacksmith. So, welcome and feel free to post any discussion in relation to the topic.
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Needs of the Wiki

Hi everyone,
As you may not be aware, we, the admins and bureaucrats of this wiki, are forming a movement to create a very successful wiki. You can check out a blog from a fellow user, User blog:BrianneMiles/Needs of the Wiki. Leave your suggestions on the blog, on this thread, or on my message wall. I am also highlighting this thread to raise attention to this movement, as everyone needs to make a contribution and play their part.
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Welcome to the Jacksmith Wiki Forum!

Hello everyone,
I am Rachel and I would like to welcome you to the Jacksmith Wiki Forum. This is a place where you can talk about and discuss about the wiki's contents.
Thank you for your time and welcome!
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